Get Verified on the Sologenic NFT Marketplace


What Is a Verified Account or Collection?

A blue checkmark on an account or collection means that it has been verified by the Sologenic team. It implies the authenticity of a profile and authorship over its collections.



Less Risk of Impersonation

Stand Out Among Sellers

How Do I Get Verified?

You will have to submit some information for the Sologenic team to review and verify based on the company’s policies and procedures. The following guidelines are meant to give the community more predictability and insight on the process, but the decision will always be based on what we believe is best for the space considering the information we can source.

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Eligible Accounts For Profile Verification

Before we review a submitted account for verification, we require the account to:
  • Be active, defined as buying or selling a minimum of 10 NFTs within the past three months.
  • Have a profile picture and banner configured.
  • Not be previously restricted for violating Sologenic's Content Policy

There are 4 categories for the eligibility criteria:

  • 1.

    Accounts created by or closely involving public figures or companies that are notable in art, entertainment, technology, music, sports, gaming, news, politics, or activism.

  • 2.

    Accounts with uncommonly notable artistic, technical, or social innovations that demonstrate to be the holders of the intellectual property in question.

  • 3.

    Accounts from well-known brands with an urgent and unusually severe fraud risk.
    Examples: Budweiser, Damien Hirst, The Boston Celtics

  • 4.

    Accounts already verified by established social media platforms.

Ineligible Accounts

Some accounts won't be eligible for verification review based on the following factors:

  • Accounts that engage in or indicate a willingness to engage in manipulative or deceptive buying, selling, bidding and offering.
  • Accounts that create collections that use copyrighted material or trademarks without a license, or use a material that infringes on protected rights of publicity.
  • Accounts that are operated by users under 18 years old, (even if the account belongs to a parent or a guardian).
  • Any account that Sologenic's Content Policy

Whether an account gets verified on Sologenic NFT is up to Sologenic Team discretion. An account might be determined to be ineligible for verification even if it does not meet one of the ineligibility criteria listed above. Sologenic reserves the right to add ineligibility factors at any time.

    Loss of Verification

    If you engage in conduct that would disqualify your eligibility for a verified account, you might lose your verified status. Sologenic reserves the right to remove verified status at any time for any reason and without notice.

    We may also remove verification status for accounts that are found to be in violation of our Content Policy. In some cases, violations may result in an account not only losing verified status but also being banned from the Sologenic NFT Marketplace.

    How Do I Verify a Collection?

    Verified collections will have a blue badge displayed on each item guaranteeing the authenticity of each of the NFTs. To start the process, read the requirements and submit the information when you are ready.

    This verification process is centred around two factors: proof of authorship and proof of identity.

    Proof of Authorship Can Be Provided by:

    • Screenshots of working project files (Photoshop, Blender, Maya, After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut, etc.)
    • Actual project files (.mb, .blend, .ai, .psd, .json, etc)

    *Please be advised that we may also request code or supplemental materials related to your project, as determined on a case-by-case basis.

    Moreover, Sologenic does not verify spin-off, homage, or remix collections at this time. This is done to protect users from being misled on interpreting such collections as official partners of the origial collection.

      Proof of Identity Can Be Provided by:

      • Instagram
      • Twitter
      • LinkedIn
      • GitHub

      Keep in mind having a verified profile account does not guarantee that your collections are automatically verified. However, if your collection is successfully verified, your profile might be eligible to be verified as well.

      How to Apply for Verification

      For social media verification purposes, we require the following statement to be tweeted by the official account of the project:

      My profile is about to get verified on Sologenic, the first #NFT marketplace on the #XRPL. @realSologenic

      Once the tweet has been posted, fill in the form and submit a request.
      If your profile meets the criteria for verification you will get a response within 5 to 10 business days.

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