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Unlock the power of decentralized trading. Low fees, fast transactions and complete control over your assets.

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NFT Marketplace

A utility-driven marketplace focused on creator tools. Mint & trade NFTs with low gas fees, and no commissions.

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IDO Launchpad

Tap into the future of the token economy. A powerful tool for startups to raise capital through Initial Dex Offerings.

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Remain trading in a decentralized ecosystem while having access to fiat ramps from trusted industry partners.

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XRPL Automated Market Maker

Learn about the XLS-30 amendment. Liquidity Pools on the XRPL.

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Self-Custody Made Easy

Revolutionize your trading experience. Be in control of your assets at all times.

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Streamline Your Ideas Into Web 3.0

Sologenic’s NFT SDK allows projects to directly integrate XRPL-native minting and trading functionality on third-party sites and applications. Unlock endless features such as:

Automated Minting

NFT Verifications

Collection Management

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Start interacting with the Sologenic ecosystem by connecting your private wallet of choice or creating a new one with the SOLO DEX app.

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Manage & Trade Your Assets

Sologenic offers a full suite of asset management tools. Issue your own tokens, trade cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, mint NFT's and much more.

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When it comes to trading Sologenic offers customizable tools with to cater both advanced and beginner traders. Drag and drop each component at your preference.